Horror! Under the Tombstone edited by David Sutton

UndertheTombstoneHorror! Under the Tombstone, edited by David A. Sutton is available from Shadow Publishing (£10.99).

“Black magic, witchcraft, life after death, extrasensory perception and the classic horror of suspense and sudden death are the subjects of this collection of thirteen stories by Ramsey Campbell, Ken Bulmer, David A. Riley, Robert Holdstock and others.

Imagine the sixties and seventies … Hammer films and American International Pictures … The time of Plague of the Zombies, Lust for a Vampire, Quatermass and the Pit, Tales of Terror, The Haunted Palace and The Masque of the Red Death.

Horror stories had their emphasis on strong supernatural themes; this was an era when you could believe in vampires and strange otherworlds. Ghosts, demons, monsters, maniacs, black magic. These are the subject matter of this anthology of yarns from the deathly realm…

A stage magician and his horrific secrets revealed to a meddling assistant … The bizarre appearance of an Arabian market in a Surrey garden … A railway station from which none of the ill-fated travellers can escape … A man searching for his lost wife in a dreamlike realm … A film director trying to capture the essence of a witches’ coven and its sacrifice…”



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