The Hobbit: Cloaks and Daggers by Daniel Falconer reviewed


The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug – Chronicles – Cloaks and Daggers by Daniel Falconer (Harper Collins £30.00).

Reviewed by Peter Coleborn

Fans of The Hobbit films will lap up this book. And why not? This book is a sumptuous production, detailing the garments and weaponry of all the characters in the movie. There are hundreds of photos that highlight the incredible care and detail the film makers went to in order to produce a stunning cinema-going experience. To be honest, it’s only when looking through this book that I realised just how meticulous that detail is. As characters race about on the screen I tend not to notice the carvings on individual buttons or the intricate belt buckles.

I suspect that one of the biggest audiences for this book will be the costumers – or cosplayers. They’ll now be able to replicate in detail the jerkins and – especially – the swords and daggers and axes of Middle Earth.

The book includes a Foreword by Evangeline Lilley (aka Tauriel), which goes to highlight just how few women appeared in these stories. At least she does wear clothes appropriate to the setting and not a chain-mail bikini.



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