Cruel Pink by Tanith Lee

Cruel Pink is now available from Immanion Press.

Emenie lives alone. Her vocation is serial killer. She can read the omens and always knows exactly who is her legitimate prey. In a ruined and collapsing world, perhaps her method is the best one.

Rod, though, has a dreary life, working at an unrewarding job. Without friends, but encumbered by relations, there is something uneasy hanging over him. Is it the wardrobe?

How unlike Klova, young, beautiful and living on benign handouts, in a sort of Science Fantasy existence of sprints and liquid-silver… Until she meets the challenging Coal.

And then there is the other one … or are there two? They also begin to assert their influence – but where do they fit? Past Historical, Presents Parallel and Everyday – Future Imperfect. Here, at the outskirts of this City they all call London, what the Hell is going on?”



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