Moriarty Adventures

Hearty congratulations to Alchemy Press editors Mike Chinn and Jan Edwards. Both have stories accepted for The Mammoth Book of Moriarty Adventures edited by Maxim Jakubowski, due this October. The anthology’s contributors include:

  • Jill Braden
  • Steve Cavanagh
  • Mike Chinn
  • David Stuart Davies
  • Vanessa de Sade
  • Jan Edwards
  • Martin Edwards
  • Jürgen Ehlers
  • Kate Ellis
  • G.H. Finn & Rose Biggin
  • Michael Gregorio
  • Peter Guttridge
  • Howard Halstead
  • Rhys Hughes
  • Alison Joseph
  • Claude Lalumière
  • Andrew Lane
  • Ashley R Lister
  • Catherine Lundoff
  • Russel McLean
  • Nikki Magennis
  • Priscilla Masters
  • Keith Moray
  • Amy Myers
  • Barbara Nadel
  • Julie Novakova
  • Christine Poulson
  • Josh Reynolds
  • Thomas Roche
  • David N. Smith & Violet Addison
  • John Soanes
  • Lavie Tidhar
  • Alexandra Townsend
  • L.C. Tyler
  • Conrad Williams
  • Alvaro Zinos-Amaro




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